VJZARIA is a renowned duo of the visual artists from Brazil, that is based in Dubai since 2012. Vinícius Luz and Edgar Salmen have been working together on video mapping, live and generative projections, immersive and light installations, digital architecture and graffiti, stereoscopy, dome projections, 360° filming, 3D production and as VJs for over a decade. They strive for innovative creativity in their art, based on research and experimentation. The award-winning duo has worked on projects in more than 20 countries all over the world. For instance, this year they were part of the Genius Loci Festival in Weimar, Germany, winning first prize with their facade projection. Additionally, they were awarded the Special Jury’s Prize in Niigata, Japan. For various locations in Dubai they create club and light designs, as well as video mapping projections. Also, whenever given the opportunity, they enjoy working together with other artists from different fields and finding a way to integrate these creations into their work.